Community Medics to the rescue

Ian Black and Kim Jurgens from Community Medics.

Community Medics reported a busy weekend with a number of motor vehicle collisions and other medical incidents they attended to.

On Friday night, July 14, there was a minor collision at the corner of Blaauwberg Road and Wood Drive with no injuries. Later in the evening, fights broke out in the vicinity of Porterfield Road and Marine Circle and a number of patients were treated for cuts and bruises and pepper spray.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, there was an accident at the corners of the R27 and Porterfield Road where a vehicle crashed through a fence and into the wall of the Church on the Rise. Nobody was injured.

Later on Saturday, another motor vehicle collision happened at the corner of Blaauwberg and Gie roads. One patient with moderate injuries was transported to the hospital.

Kim Jurgens, spokesperson for Community Medics, thanked Community Service Organisation (CSO), police, Table View Neighbourhood Watch, Fire and Rescue and ER24 for their assistance.

“Always remember to increase your following distance when it is raining, as roads can be slippery and braking distance increased. Wear your seat belt, proceed cautiously even if the robot is green for you, and never use your phone or get behind the wheel if you have been drinking or taken any substances which could impair your concentration or slow your reaction times,” said Ms Jurgens.

In an emergency, contact Community Medics on 087 230 0404.

Community Medics volunteers live in the community so are able to respond promptly and stabilise patients while awaiting ambulance transport to hospital. There is no service charge.