Concern over Diep River

Lack of maintenance has led to this bad state of water.

A stormwater drain contaminated with sewage is emptying into the Diep River.

A Flamingo Vlei man has warned that foul conditions on an empty piece of land between Dunoon and West Riding pose a threat to the Diep River and Rietvlei.

Donovan Barnes told Tabletalk that not only was a stormwater pipe from Dunoon carrying sewage — judging by the smell — into the vlei, but a manhole had been leaking in the area for about two months.

Mr Barnes has lived in the area for a while and he is distressed to see how it has deteriorated.

“Where I stay right now at Flamingo Vlei, there used to be contractors that would come and clean out the reeds and the river but that also seems to have stopped and it’s been four to five years now.”

He reminisced about how when he was in his twenties he had ridden through the area on horseback and the Diep River had been clean. He said it now resembled tar.

When Tabletalk visited the area, it was hot and a foul odour hung in the air.

Mr Barnes fears there’s a risk of Rietvlei being closed to the public again as it was from March to October last year because of a spike in E Coli levels.

Suzette Little, mayoral committee for area north, said the City’s water and sanitation department visited the area and met with Mr Barnes who had pointed out the problems.

“The water ‘leak’ was found to be coming from a stormwater outlet from Dunoon and the Racing Park,” she said.

“The department will investigate if a flow converter to the sewer system can be implemented. In addition to the above, regular inspection and cleaning of the area will be done,” said Ms Little.