Concerns about road upgrades

Trevor Moodley, Sanddrift

We value the intent and work being done to widen Bosmandam Road. However, it must be said that any form of interactive public relations engagement between municipality, project leaders and residents is not evident.

Hence, community concerns have not been addressed.

I am sure that during the discussions between the City of Cape Town and the contractor and project-team leaders, all risks and environment impacts, as well as any possible discomforts to the immediate residents were addressed.

It seems there is no correlation of fair intent between the powers that be and aggrieved affected parties. Due to this gap in communication, affected residents who are in daily discussions with their immediate neighbours have raised the following concerns:

The increase in traffic volume through the residential area as a means of bypassing the construction site.There is no assertive regulatory control in place to prevent this from happening. Heavy-duty vehicles (buses, trucks and delivery vehicles) are now using roads not meant for heavy vehicles.

Vibrations can be felt in homes near the roadway. Homes parallel to Bosmandam Road can feel vibrations from construction equipment at the site. Who can we approach to lodge our claims and seek relief or compensation for damages?

An increase in noise, vibrations and traffic pollution especially along Aerial and Daniell roads. Other roads affected by the rat running, speeding and movement of heavy vehicles, include Sanddrift Shayele, Daniell, Pringle and Corsair, among others.

Visible cracks in homes, especially those near the construction.

No signs posted to limit speeding.

The roads are showing signs of aggressive wear. There are no signs restricting vehicle tonnage.

Road rage and traffic jams at peak periods within the residential area.

Perhaps consider the use of local traffic authorities to assist.

This situation and its burdens will increase further once the real tarring begins. This is where heavy compacting and rolling takes place. Be equally aware of the uncontrolled diverting of traffic through the residential areas.

For the sake of harmony and progress for all, the project team needs to address these concerns with this community. This is definitely a health and wellness concern

Brett Herron, Mayco member for transport and urban development, responds:

Unfortunately there are always inconveniences to be endured during road-upgrade projects, and we appeal to residents to bear with us during this period. However, the City will endeavour to mitigate any impact that it can.

The City’s Transport and Urban Development Authority has informed the contractor of the concerns raised by Mr Moodley on behalf of the Sanddrift residents and the contractor has offered to meet with Mr Moodley to discuss the issues he has raised.

The City will also engage with the contractor about these concerns.

Residents are advised to send their complaints and concerns relating to this project to the following email addresses: and copy in the City’s Transport Information Centre on