Cops investigate after foetus found in Joe Slovo

A human foetus was found at an illegal dump in Hobe Road.

Police are investigating after a human foetus was found at an illegal dump in Joe Slovo.

The foetus was discovered in a baby-formula tin on Sunday August 1, at 5pm, according to Milnerton police spokeswoman Captain Nopaya Madyibi.

A concealment of birth case has been opened.

The foetus’s gestational age was unknown, said Captain Madyibi.

“No arrest have been made. The investigation is still under way. There was a similar incident in Dunoon last year whereby a stillborn baby was found abandoned in a drain,” she said.

“This is not something that we should be getting used to,” said Joe Slovo resident, Thembi Qakela. “This is disgusting. I get that people go through tough times and sometimes they have limited choices, but committing acts like dumping your baby should never be an answer.”

Community leader Sibongile Kofi said the foetus been found in a mound of rubbish in Hobe Drive. He said he had been fighting with the City for a long time to clear the rubbish.

“I’m not saying that the lack of rubbish there would stop this thing from happening, but if we have a place that is a regular dumping site in our area, we are bound to find all kinds of things there. We need less rubbish in our neighbourhood and we could possibly deter something like this from happening.”

Esther Lewis, spokeswoman for the provincial Department of Social Development, said postpartum depression and psychosis, as well as other mental illnesses related to pregnancy, could be behind some baby dumpings.

Expectant mothers who were unable to take care of their babies should seek help at any free clinic, Department of Social Development office or child-protection organisation, such as the Afrikaanse Christelike Vroueverening (ACVV), she said.

For more information about the ACVV, email or; call 021 511 3001; or search for the organisation on Facebook.