Cops rescue woman from domestic dispute

A man was arrested last week for the attempted murder of his girlfriend.

According to Table View SAPS spokeswoman Captain Adriana Chandler, police responded to a domestic violence call on Friday April 26 just before midnight.

She said officers could hear the screams of a woman coming from the complex and had to use force to get inside the home.

“A man was seen stabbing a woman with a broken bottle, and the officers immediately rescued the woman from further injury.”

The woman’s boyfriend was arrested and held at the police station and the women was given medical attention.

A man was arrested for the possession of dagga last week in Melkbosstrand.

According to Captain Chandler, Melkbosstrand police were tipped off about the man growing dagga trees in the garden of his Napoleon Road home. Police arrived at the residence on Thursday April 25, and the 33-year-old suspect, according to police, said that he was making oils with the dagga and selling it.

Police confiscated 48 dagga trees and the man was arrested and charged with dealing.

The Constitutional Court ruled last year that the private possession, cultivation and use of dagga was not a crime, but that ruling did not extend to dealing in the drug.

Three men were arrested in Sunningdale for housebreaking.

Captain Chandler said the men had allegedly broken into a garage in Sunningdale Drive in the early hours of Thursday April 25.