Council must ask what we think

Brian Wilson, Sunningdale

I was born and bred under Table Mountain in 1939 (to let you know how long and all the different City mayors I have lived under).

My first point that I would like to make is that I have reported many water leakages not at my property but all over, especially Sunningdale, Table View, and the urgency with which they have been repaired and how the site was left is pathetic; with us being told that it is not their job to repair the site, someone else would come and do that.

This City in its endeavour to reach the “world city awards” omits to do those things that will serve the people who pay their salaries.

How do we know that the water they so easily spray on the plant life in-between the roads is not potable water, which in a windy city such as ours mostly lands on the road.

Then we also need to take cognisance of the older people who still have houses and gardens – imagine how they are coping.

Just like all these democratically elected officials, once you vote for them they decide they no longer need to share their thoughts with us and can do as they wish.

What comes to mind is the R8 million that was spent on changing the City’s logo.

This water situation is due mainly to poor future planning and if they had taken the trouble to listen to the experts they could have made better plans way back when it was known that water would cause the next war. Typically they now want to close the gate after the horse has bolted.

I might as well get the traffic problems off my chest – while the rest of the world is introducing traffic circles/ roundabouts ( much more effective and efficient than the outdated robots) – has anyone done a study on cost to install plus cost of upkeep (and circles never go on the blink nor use electricity; which uses water to be generated).

Lastly, running next to the complex in which I stay is a spring which runs into the Rietvlei and is clogged up with bullrushes.

With a little bit of ingenuity we could use this water for our gardens but remember to ask the people who live along its banks to provide their ideas before one of you make a decision.

I could go on about many more situations which can be resolved if only you would ask those who pay your salaries first.