Couple mourned

A picture from Marlene Gillings' Facebook page which is filled with pictures of animals, for whom she appears to have had a spot.

Melkbosstrand is mourning the loss of an elderly couple who died on the same day.

Marlene Gillings, 60, was a well-known car guard in Melkbosstrand and died on the corner of Otto du Plessis and 11th Avenue around 11am on Wednesday May 17.

Constable Debbie Alard, of the Melkbosstrand police, said they had received a complaint about a person lying on the pavement.

“On arrival they found a 60-year-old female, who was later declared dead on the scene,” said Constable Alard.

When the police went to inform her husband, 70 year-old Roy, about his wife’s death, he was found dead in the couple’s Olive Close home.

“A docket has been opened and the detailed post-mortem report will form part of the investigation,” she said.

Condolences streamed in after news of the couple’s death broke on the Melkbos Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page.

Carol Dawson Smith said: “We’ll certainly miss them in Melkbos.”

Loni Hutchinson said: “They may not have been rich in material things but rich in so many other ways… one being their love for each other.”

Mr Gillings, who struggled with ailing health, had trouble walking and needed a hip replacement.

On Wednesday May 3, Ms Gillings voiced her concerns for her husband’s health in a post on her Facebook page saying: “Please what options do I have? My husband of 70 years old needs help. He cannot walk, and I cannot carry him… At my wits’ end.”