Couple tied up in robbery

A Table View couple woke in the early hours of Wednesday February 7 to find three intruders in their bedroom. One had a big knife.

The men tied the couple up then ransacked the house, taking jewellery and electronics. They tried to steal their car but couldn’t drive it.

Table View police spokeswoman Captain Adriana Chandler said the couple later told police the men had spoken in a foreign language.

They had removed the glass from the lounge door to get inside.

The couple had not armed their alarm before going to bed, said Captain Chandler.

The robbers fled after the husband freed himself and pressed the panic button.

A mugger stabbed a tourist at Big Bay Beach on Friday February 9, at 8am.

Captain Chandler said the tourist had been walking on the beach when the mugger grabbed his bag and stabbed him in the hand during the scuffle.