Cycle path obstructed

The offending tree that is blocking a cycling lane

Rakesh Manohar, Table View

My son, Radhanath is in Grade 7 at Table View Primary and cycles home each afternoon.

He has had three punctures this week because he has had to move around a thorn tree that is obstructing the cycle path.

I was prepared to cut the tree this afternoon, but to avoid a neighbourhood watch issue I am just reporting for now.

The offending tree is located on the corner of Wood Drive and Merlot Street, just past View Church, behind the MyCiTi bus shelter.

Priya Reddy, spokesperson for the City of Cape Town, responds:

We would advise that the resident report this to the City of Cape Town so we can look into removing the tree.

They should please work via our call centre on 0860 103 089 so that they receive a reference number, which they can keep to follow up on the progress of their enquiry.

Residents are reminded that any service requests should please be logged via the City’s call centre rather than through the media.

The call centre is the first port of call for any issues and residents can follow up on requests with their local ward councillors.