Dagga bust

■ ​On ​Monday March 2​7​ at ​2pm​ Table View police got a tip-off​ about drug dealing taking place at a spaza in Site 5 informal settlement. Police went to the spaza​ and search​ed​ the ​premises​. ​According to Captain Adriana Chandler, SAPS Table View communications officer, police ​found several ziplock bags and other wrappings​ filled with dagga. The ​53-year-old ​owner of the shop confessed he was selling the drugs​, ​was arrested​,​ ​and is due to appear ​on a charge of​ ​​drug ​dealing in the Cape Town Magistrate​‘s​ Court ​today, ​Wednesday​ ​March 2​9​. ​Pictured are some of the dagga that was confiscated.