Damaged Big Bay slipway removed

Athina May

Rough weather and strong tides have taken their toll on the Big Bay Surf Lifesaving Club slipway, which collapsed on Wednesday July 6, leaving rubble strewn across the beach.

“The break started with the big winds we recently experienced. It happened over a four-day period.

“The rubble was removed to make the area safe now, plans are being discussed regarding a resolution to the slipway. For now, the other two slipways in the area will have to be used,” said Ward 23 councillor Nora Grose.

Big Bay Surf Lifesaving Club manager Derrick Frazer said the slipway collapse had been expected as it had been built on a disintegrating sand bed.

The lack of a slipway posed a hazard for anyone entering the water or using water equipment.

“We knew the slipway would corrode because the sand on the beach was slowly disappearing. The slipway was designed and built when the sand was a metre higher. Its pointless making an appeal for a new slipway in winter as it would simply wash away,” he said.

“Luckily, the rubble has been cleared, as it could’ve been potentially dangerous. Now we need to focus on securing the back section from falling away too.

“We are looking into having a metal ramp installed in the meantime,” said Mr Frazer.

He expected the ramp to be installed before the weekend.

“The metal ramp is a bit more difficult to use but will help,” said Mr Frazer.