Day Zero prep under way

Members of the various neighbourhood watches at a meeting with the City at the Disaster Risk Management Centre in Goodwood.

Ratepayers’ groups in the Milnerton area are among those making emergency plans to help the vulnerable in their neighbourhoods should Day Zero happen.

The Milnerton Ridge Ratepayers’ Association and the Milnerton Ridge Neighbourhood Watch have come together to form the Milnerton Ridge Water Crisis Task Team to help those who would be unable stand in line for Day Zero water rations, due to age, poor health or others reasons.

Ane Janse van Rensburg, chairwoman of the Milnerton Ridge Ratepayers’ Association, said the two bodies would be going door-to-door in coming weeks to identify those who might need help.

Such help could take the form of looking after children while the parents queued for water or carrying water containers and unloading them at home.

“We will identify which of our residents are vulnerable and may need assistance,” she said.

They also want to identify owners of registered boreholes and well-points who would be willing to share some of their water with immediate neighbours for “flushing toilets and the like”.

Greater Table View Action Forum (GTAF) chairwoman Karen Davis, said an emergency plan had been discussed at a ward meeting on Tuesday February 6.

“Councillor Nicky Rheeder requested that as community based organisations, we should take this step. What we at GTAF intend to do is formulate a database that will be conveyed to the City via the councillors.

“We have also undertaken to be part of any water-dispensing project to these vulnerable people. We believe it is a great initiative and will do all in our power to assist this,” said Ms Davis.

Table View Ratepayers’ Association vice-chairperson, Mandy da Matta said they are planning to help, as requested by the City.

“We are in the process of identifying the individuals that are unable to get to the water points because of various reasons and we also have people ready and willing to help out where they can. This is about community involvement and it’s important for all of us to be proactive instead of reactive,” said Ms Da Matta.

Brooklyn, Ysterplaat and Rugby Residents’ Association chairman Justin Kumlehn said they had discussed the prospect of Day Zero at several meetings but not made any firm plans.

“Should the City have a plan in place, we would be more than happy to get on board,” he said.

Non-profit Huis Zonnekus in Brooklyn is appealing to the public for donations of 5-litre bottles of water to help it through the water crisis.

They can be dropped at the home from Monday to Friday, between 8am and 4pm.