Dear Diggy Dog

Dear Diggy Dog, a short story for foundation phase pupils, written by Woodbridge Primary librarian Cheryl Swart

Diggy Dog was just a puppy, but he was doing damage to everything on which his tiny teeth hooked.

Mom had to darn the holes he made in Damian’s dungarees and Delila’s dress.

Dad had to plug the punctures in the garden hose after Diggy had a little chew.

Diggy had dug deep craters in the grass.

“Do you think he wants to go to China?” Dad asked. “Shame, he’s bored,” said Mom.

He’s just a baby,” said Delila.

“He’s a destructive, bored dog. He has to go before he destroys the garden and all our clothes!” said Dad.

“No!” shouted Damian. “I will take him on walks.”

“I’ll buy him some chewy toys,” said Mom.

“I’ll fill the holes in the garden,” said Delila. “I want to plant trees in some and I’ll make a sandpit for him to dig in.” “Look at Diggy,” whispered Dad. The puppy was sleeping.

“Dear Diggy Dog,” said Mom softly.

“Delightful!” said Damian with a dimply smile.

“The little darling,” added Delila.

“Let sleeping dogs lie,” murmured Dad.