Democracy ‘trumps’ infighting

Much like the recent American elections, a round of voting in Sanddrift has stirred up quite a bit of drama. A decision on whether there should be a united or separate neighbourhood watch for different sectors in Sanddrift, was put to a vote.

The fact that the SAPS had to mediate at a community imbizo to get the community to make a decision on its safety and security shows just how divided it is.

Residents also did little to keep a lid on their feelings, and raging tempers and finger pointing only exacerbated matters.

But looking past the flinging hands and rolling eyes, one got a sense of the people’s desperation to save their community from crime.

One does not see many community meetings filling halls, and on a Monday evening no less.

So there are clearly a lot of people in Sanddrift who care a great deal about their community.

Let’s hope, going forward, they choose a solid executive committee to lead the new neighbourhood watch.

The fish rots from the head, as the saying goes, and if the wrong person chairs the committee it can turn the whole organisation toxic.

And that’s something the residents of Sanddrift, like elsewhere, can ill afford.

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