Deserving of an upgrade

Agi Orfanos, West Beach

The Woodbridge Island bridge is deserving of an upgrade to maintain over a century of historical interest.

This valuable heritage will be attracting tourism and visitors hundreds of years after we are gone and will add to the value of a tourist beachfront area, which in itself is looking a bit dilapidated and worn lately.

And hopefully it will get the local community, golf course and surrounding businesses motivated to upgrade the beachfront and parking areas.

R20 million is a drop in the ocean compared to the billions spent by the City each year, or even to the City’s salary administration bill.

If we had to neglect all our attractions and buildings of national heritage we would have nothing to show to our future generations.

History attracts tourism and prestige. And upgrading a national beachfront results in attracting investment and labour to the areas.

The project itself will provide job opportunities during construction and hopefully the City will continue to maintain the bridge and not allow it to degenerate into disrepair ever again.