‘Disservice’ at library

Dane Herrington, Table View

I have been using the computers at the Table View library for many years already but I must say that the past two years of service have been nothing short of a total disservice.

Besides the continual closure of the libraries, which now are more often closed than open, and the end of the lockdown period, the libraries continue to remain dysfunctional.

This is just not acceptable for any person living in the Cape Town area who wants to make use of the computer facilities.

Why are we not having access to the library computers?

Social distancing and all this nonsense is just an excuse for lack of interest and proper resolve to get things up and running.

The City of Cape Town has been a total shambles in this department and the IT department has also not made any effort since 2018 to get the computers up and operating efficiently.

I do not know what other avenue to use to get some proper response to this irritating situation but at this stage I can simply regard the library services of the City as unprofessional.

I will now be forced to make a move to obtain better service elsewhere.

* Dr Zahid Badroodien, mayoral committee member for community services and health, responds:

We are in the process of increasing the speed and quality of the SmartCape service at Table View library. We started with an internal LAN upgrade and we will move away from a standard external ADSL connection to a radio link, which is not yet operational.

The radio link is in the process of final configuration, as well as the verification of the link connectivity.

There is a test period of seven days included in this process to ensure link stability. The final date of cut-over is still to be determined pending the date of the test period and what the outcomes are.

In the meantime we have made concessions for the slow speed of the service by allowing patrons extra time on the SmartCape computers at the library. These extra sessions can be arranged with the library staff.