Drag up Lion’s head

Kimmy and Sasha LeStrange hiked up Lions Head in full drag on Saturday September 15.

Two drag sisters who know what it’s like to be bullied, took on Lion’s Head in full drag over the weekend in a bid to raise awareness about bullying and discrimination.

Looking fabulous in their fishnet stockings, hotpants and high-heeled boots, Sasha LeStrange from Kraaifontein and her “sister” Kimmy, from Richwood, Milnerton climbed the mountain on Saturday September 15, aiming to raise R25 000 for the non-profit PWR (People With Rights) Project.

Sasha is a Miss Drag SA finalist. Those who joined the two on their hike, were asked to donate R20 each, which would go toward their 100 miles a day project through which they hand out food parcels to the homeless.

When we spoke to them before Saturday’s high-heeled hike, they said while they hadn’t done any extra physical training to prepare, they had completed the 5.5km hike before.

Both also shared that they had been bullied when they were younger, and Kimmy said they founded the project to support young people who were affected by bullying and discrimination.

Sasha said she faced bulling daily and still found it hard to cope.

“I’ve been doing the drag thing for seven years as a career and people have told me to find a real job but I love and enjoy what I do,” she said.
“(People) will try their best to break you down.”

Part of her duties as a Miss Drag SA finalist, said Sasha, is to work with young people and help people in need.

Kimmy said the “ultimate goal” of the organisation
was to encourage people
to speak out and learn to accept one another for who and what they were.

For more information, or to get involved in the PWR Project, contact Karl Hildebrandt at 079 519 2444 or email info@PWR

The Miss Drag South Africa pageant finals takes place at the Port Elizabeth Opera House on Saturday September 29.