Driver behaviour

PS Williamson, Bothasig

To the young lady who nearly knocked me off the road the other evening on Bosmansdam Road over the N7.

Firstly, I must apologise for handling the situation rather badly. I was only thinking of myself and failed to realise that it was late and you were trying to get home after a rough day.

The strange weather was also a psychological distraction it was strange was it not?

Initially I took the situation personally, but after some thought, I realised that it was not personal. After all we don’t know one another and, fortunately, we were never formally introduced.

If we don’t know one another then it cannot be personal at all. Knowing that you were distracted by the time and the tough day at work, I realised that your only thought was to get home, relax and have some supper, so the events were not through any degree of blame or lack of responsibility.

But you see, I was only thinking of getting home alive on a pleasant evening. My goal is to get home alive, not first, and this does irritate some people, unintentionally.

So, I must apologise for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and for reacting the way I did. I must also apologise for annoying you and upsetting you.

My wife says that I should not worry about your comments as she was not there, does not know you and does not take it personally. It was just one of those days.

Unfortunately many of these realisations came to mind as you disappeared, with squealing tyres and drifting exhaust fumes, so I was unable to apologise at the time.

I hope you will accept my apologies and not let it upset you or your family any further.

Further, I hope that, should we ever meet again, it will be in a more companionable situation.

And I hope that you do not have another such epically traumatic day soon.