Drought crisis

D van Dalsen, Edgemead

I have to ask the question that keeps me awake at night: how did the City of Cape Town land us in this mess?

They had time to get it right but they gambled with our lives and livelihoods. Last winter, they didn’t look for alternative water sources as they said they would because experts said it would pour with rain.

I believe they are still gambling on enough rain by May to avoid us having to queue in our millions for water. So many people and even countries have come forward with solutions but no, they were unaffordable yet the same people found billions to build a soccer stadium.

It is going to be chaos: we remember queueing for ages to vote in 1994, now imagine many more people and doing it every day.

How many can afford the time, and remember the little problem of lugging 25 litres of water which I know I for one I can’t lift. What about the aged and infirm?

We are told the police have have been alerted. Why don’t I feel confident that they will be able to maintain law and order.

Will fire hydrants still work? Couldn’t water be supplied to our homes on alternative days and for limited periods?

All I know is we are all going to pay dearly for a long time for the damage the City has wrought on us and the economy of Cape Town.

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