Drunken spree ends behind bars

A drunken driver literally brought traffic to a halt after his drinking binge caused him to black out in the middle of an intersection.

The City of Cape Town’s Ghost Squad had to carry him to safety during an operation in the Table View area on Sunday February 12.

Officers were conducting an operation to combat illegal street racing when they came across a car that had entered the intersection of Blaauwberg and Jansen Road at around 10pm.

They found that the driver had passed out behind the wheel, with an empty whiskey bottle and a second nearly empty bottle on the passenger seat.

It took three officers to lift the unconscious driver out of the vehicle. The vehicle was obstructing traffic and had to be moved.

Officers arrested eight more drivers for drunk driving and two for reckless and negligent driving after they were caught participating in an illegal street race. They also issued fines to 63 unlicensed drivers.

“Drunk driving continues to form a large part of our operations. Despite the numerous warnings and the potentially fatal consequences, drivers continue to ignore the limits and put themselves and other road users at risk. The City has a zero tolerance approach and we urge residents to work with us to ensure safer roads,” said JP Smith, mayoral committee member for safety and security and social services.