Dunoon a ticking time bomb

The battle for houses in Dunoon has been a long time coming, says councillor Lubabalo Makeleni who tabled a motion at sub-council in August 2014 to ask for land.

“In the motion I gave details about how many people there were in Dunoon.

“I said there were about 19 000 shacks and about 12 000 backyarders. I also mentioned 1 500 rentals. The motivation for my motion was because the infrastructure in Dunoon cannot hold it any longer.

“I received a report back from the City which said of the three pieces of open land in the area only one was available for low cost housing.

“One belonged to a company developing it in the Parklands area and the other belonged to the Department of Public Works.

“I told the City they are too slow in developing the low cost housing. Since I started in 2011, I said we are sitting on a time bomb that’s going to explode in our faces and we will not know how to handle it. Now it’s happening.”