Duo nabbed for possession of unlicensed firearm

An unlicensed firearm was confiscated in Brooklyn on Monday August 3.
Two men, aged 54 and 34, were arrested in connection with the discovery of an unlicensed firearm in Brooklyn today.

Metro police officers received a tip-off about three armed men walking along Koeberg Road in Brooklyn.

The officers managed to track down the trio. Two of the men were in possession of firearms.

One man produced an expired license for his firearm. He was advised to renew it.

Metro Police spokesperson, Ruth Solomons, said: “The second man indicated he had borrowed the firearm from a friend, who later arrived at the police station, with the license for the firearm.”

However, the police soon verified that the license was fraudulent, resulting in the arrest of the man and his friend for possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.