Dylan directs trending video

Dylan Pereira.

A student’s dance video which has captured the attention of singer Meghan Trainor, and was shot in part at Milnerton High School, was filmed by film student, Dylan Pereira (“US singer gives SA dancers the thumbs up,” Tabletalk, September 14).

Dylan is a second-year student from CityVarsity and lives in Milnerton.

The video has trended as number one on YouTube South Africa with more than half a million views and it had Meghan, tweeting: “Wow, wow, wow, unbelievable…slay my life”.

She shared the video with her more than two million followers.

The video features dancers from the South African Untimitive Dance Crew and was choreographed by Rudi Smit. Dylan has directed quite a few of Rudi’s music videos in the past.

“I honestly can’t believe how far this video has gone, I really didn’t expect it to go viral,” he said.

Diploma of Film head of department at CityVarsity Cape Town, Dani Flockton praised Dylan’s work.

“He really captures the essence of the dance so well, filming dance is very hard, as the dancers are always moving, but he manages to get it all in and makes it look amazing.

“Hopefully Meghan will ask them to do her next music video.”

Dylan said: “CityVarsity has helped me a lot in this industry, especially when it comes to the theoretical side of film.”