The Table View beachfront is a sore point for many who have enjoyed it in the past, but have been restricted from doing so because pathways have become inaccessible.

Over the years the beauty and splendor of the beachfront, with its iconic views of Table Mountain, has diminished, and much of the structure that surrounds the beach has been swallowed by the dunes.

The disabled and elderly can no longer negotiate the sand-covered walkways, and toilet facilities need serious attention.

Although the City has begun to fix the irrigation system and started planting grass on the walkways, the important issue of accessibility needs to be given priority.

Denying those who are differently-abled the opportunity to enjoy the beachfront isolates individuals, and creates a community of exclusivity. This goes against what the City stands for. Upgrading the access points should therefore be moved up on the beachfront restoration to-do list.