It is always tragic when someone’s life is ended abruptly and even more so when it is done in a violent way. The death of Phumeza Fudumele has brought the police’s actions under scrutiny.

Many questions surround the senseless shooting, such as why police opened fire without warning and why did they not cease fire once they saw the suspected vehicle was carrying Nando’s staff members.

As a result of their actions, two young children are left without a mother.

She is described as a dedicated mother who did everything for her children.

Her mother wonders how she’s going to raise her grandchildren on her own.

One can only hope that justice will be served and those involved in the shooting given punishment fit for the crime.

Yet even this seems like a tall order when one considers that almost a week has passed since the fatal incident and the police are yet to contact Ms Fudumele’s loved ones.

Perhaps Nando’s support in the form of hiring forensic expert David Klatzow, will help the case move along at a steadfast pace and be solved diligently.