The City’s plans to upgrade Plattekloof Road from a single carriageway to a double carriageway is a great investment all round. It creates easier access to the future development of Richmond Business Park and also alleviates congestion for motorists who use Plattekloof road every day.

As one of the most congested cities in the country, road expansions are always welcome in Cape Town. With new developments popping up like mushrooms in areas like Parklands North, it is good to know that major roads are expanding to accommodate the new developments. On the flip-side, a double carriageway means more air and noise pollution. Residents living in areas through which Plattekloof Road snakes, such as Bothasig and Edgemead, will have to become accustomed to not only more traffic but also smog, which they may well have hoped to escape.

The City would also do well to invest in licence place recognition camera systems on the rejuvenated road, as more traffic will certainly attract the attention of smash-and-grabbers and hijackers.