Effects of pollution

Gary Laubscher, Darling

I lived in Table View for a good few years -13 to be exact – down near the Boy De Goede circle, but due to bad elements and other personal issues, we sold our house and moved away.

While I lived in that area, my wife suffered from sinus and nasal issues, and I with a throat allergy, an internal swollen ear, bad headaches and sinus passage problems. The headaches and thick head issues were the greatest problems. I would say I had a thick- head and headaches at least twice a week and nasal sinus and deafness were weekly events. I think I could have gotten shares in Grand-Pa headache tablets, as I used them so often.

Both my wife and I are totally amazed that since the day we left that area, we are now a hundred percent better and no longer have allergies and other medical issues. This is proof that the smells in that area and of the surrounding chemical works have a huge impact on one’s health due to pollution there.

The other issue we have now seen is that when you live in that area, you sort of become numb to what goes on with regards to noise, hooting, taxi driving, lay-abouts and day-to-day living. Once you move away and you have to go past that area for some reason again, you can see just how bad it is.

The fact that we suffered a lot while living there and now no longer do since moving, is proof that the area and its pollution are bad.