Eland makes the move

The eland that has been released into Blaauwberg Nature Reserve.

An eland released into the City’s Blaauwberg Nature Reserve last week was the last of eight eland earmarked for transfer from the Koeberg Nature Reserve.

The other seven eland were introduced to the Blaauwberg Nature Reserve in December last year and in February this year.

The Koeberg reserve donated them to help manage its eland population. In September last year, five red hartebeest were also released in the Blaauwberg Nature Reserve. They had been obtained from a private game owner.

Brett Herron, mayco member for transport and urban development, said the release of the animals was part of the reserve’s “game introduction management plan” and would help manage vegetation cover and other ecological processes.

Apart from the red hartebeest and eland, grey rhebok was also earmarked for re-introduction.

Area North mini mayor Suzette Little said one of the eland had been collared, helping to gauge whether the reserve’s “critically endangered vegetation types” were being unduly strained.

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