Eskom’s swift response

Patricia Maastrecht, Bothasig

I am still trying to recover from the shock of dealing with a government body whose efficiency has staggered me.

I know that Eskom has recently cut out some dead wood and appointed a new board, but I can’t believe that is what has made all the difference.

On Wednesday March 7 Eskom did the rounds in our neighbourhood promoting the use of prepaid electricity. Along with many of my neighbours, I signed up.

All was good for a few days, then there was a problem, there were “black-outs” at all times of day.

When I put on the kettle, the microwave, even the computer, everything else shut down.

Just for a short while, but long enough to be annoying. My neighbours were not affected, only I.

I must add that this happened at the same time that another company was going around digging up the road to lay fibre optic cables and I am of the opinion that they damaged one of my underground cables and had nothing to do with Eskom.

Eskom was incredible in responding to my problem. Right from the start, telephoning to them, I spoke to two women who were so helpful; unfortunately, I only got the name of one of them called Amanda.

One of their employees, a gentleman by name of Abdul arrived at my house in pursuit of the problem.

He checked all sorts of things, but the problem did not manifest itself again until some time after he left. It was not left there.

Eskom continued to probe and arrived at my front gate at 10.30pm at night to follow up. Can you believe it?

They solved the problem and all was well in the end. If all our government departments worked with this kind of vigour and commitment, I reckon by the end of this year South Africa will be a world leader. Just have to love these guys and girls. Thank you, Eskom.