Estate agent helps mother deliver baby

Real estate agent Kim Hansen with the newborn she helped deliver.

A local real estate agent, while on the job, helped a mother bring new life into the world last week.

Kim Hansen was showing a house to potential clients last Friday in Parklands when the unexpected happened.

Ms Hansen said she was not even supposed to be on duty that day but she was covering for one of her colleagues.

“I went to show the house and met my clients there around 4pm. The owners, who are an elderly couple, were also there but I could see that they were uneasy. I didn’t think anything of it at the time and continued with the tour of the house. Soon I heard a scream coming from one of the granny flats at the back,” she said.

Ms Hansen said she asked the owner, who was stressing even more at this point, what was going on. He told her that their domestic worker Pretty Jeza was in labour and he had called the ambulance half an hour ago, hence his worried demeanour. 

“I went to the bathroom of the granny flat where the woman in labour was and I could see that the baby was already coming out. I used my experience as a former veterinary nurse and asked for towels and got a pair of gloves and helped the mother deliver her baby,” she said.

Baby Samuel was born before 5pm and Ms Hansen has now started a fund for the baby and the new mother to help them stay together.

“Pretty was going to leave soon and go back to KwaZulu-Natal but her intentions are to stay in Cape Town with her child. We have started a fund to help them do just that.”

Ms Jeza said she was quite scared that day because the ambulance was not arriving. Samuel is her third child with the other two living in KZN and she regularly sends money to them.

“It is by God’s grace that Kim was there. If she had not been there to assist me, my baby or I could have died. I am very grateful to her and all the well wishes I’ve received since then. I am doing quite well now and my baby is strong and healthy,” she said.

Jenni Beck, Ms Hansen’s colleague, said the new mommy is in dire need of financial assistance.

If people want to contribute money, food, clothing for the baby (and mommy), nappies, airtime, and other necessities, they can contact Jenni directly on 084 953 4889 or Kim on 072 775 0166.”