Faith in humanity restored

Hilary Hadfield, Table View

I have not written to a newspaper before, but I felt so strongly about this issue that I thought I would.

What is wrong with people these days that they refuse to help a 65-year-old man to jump-start his car or give him a lift home, forcing him to walk 10km home?

This took place at the Checkers Hypermarket on Sandown Road on March 29, the Thursday before Easter.

I am disgusted, shame on you, particularly the man who would not even open his window.

Whatever happened to showing kindness and consideration to others?

It is sorely lacking these days and particularly down here in the Cape, I am sad to say as an ex-Joburger.

However, there is a happy ending and my faith in humanity was restored when returning later to tow the car home with my husband — a young man and his wife literally ran over to help these two old fogies connect up and tow the car home.

Thank you to Alastair Sutherland, of Black Water Security Services, and his wife for being so incredibly helpful. There are some good people left in this world after all.

And to the woman who screamed past us, swearing and shouting because we temporarily blocked the road for maybe two minutes outside the Kentucky Fried Chicken, shame on you too. Do you think we were doing it on purpose just to inconvenience you?