Desiré and Keith OConnor just before lockdown.

Table View’s diamond
couple, Keith and Desiré O’Connor, have
died within weeks of each other. Married
for 64 years, the couple were featured in
Tabletalk for their golden and diamond
wedding anniversaries. Ms O’Connor,
82, died of renal and heart failure on
Sunday May 3 and Mr O’Connor, 86, died
on Friday June 5. Their granddaughter,
Sian Ross, said Mr O’Connor had gone
downhill after his wife’s death and had
died weeks later of a broken heart. The
couple met in 1955 and were married a
year later. Ms O’Connor described their
love as “love at first sight” and Mr O’
Connor was known to be the “calm” to
the fiery redhead’s storm.