Farewell to Milnerton angel

Alet Bosman chats to the founder of Cheshire Homes, Lord Leonard Cheshire when he visited the home in Sanddrift.

Alet Bosman, manager of the Eric Miles Cheshire Home in Sanddrift, passed away on Tuesday August 27.

Ms Bosman, 64, served as the home’s manager for 35 years and lived on the property. She died of natural causes, said her life partner Herman Bosman. 

“She was known as the angel of Milnerton. She cared so much and was always there for someone,” he said.

Anthony Keenan, who worked closely with Ms Bosman at Cheshire Home, said she would be sadly missed by her family,friends, residents,staff and the community at large.

Ms Bosman was laid to rest on Friday. A memorial service will be held today, Wednesday September 4, at Cheshire Home at 18 Corsair Road, Sanddrift.

The service starts at 11am and all are welcome.