Fence about safety

Ursula and Victor Spolander, Richwood

Richwood is not an area where the rich get richer – on the contrary, it is a suburb made up of all races who are hard-working, struggling, surviving financial strains, barely making ends meet living together in a neighbourly manner (“Richwood residents fence off”, Tabletalk, May 31).

Having been part of this suburb for over 25 years, we too have experienced theft of wheels, a vehicle, garden items, clothing from the washing line and even a family friend’s son (aged 11) threatened at knife-point for his cellphone. I am sure if a survey is done the list would be endless.

As too, the number of deaths crossing the N7 from Dunoon. On a Wednesday morning, it is alarming to see the number of women, babies on arm plus little ones clinging at their sides, entering Richwood (refuse day) accompanied by young lads of 13 /14 years of age. How do they cross the highway?

The reason given by the older ones about not being in school, is: “Ek moet my ma help.” How sad. The call for a wall or fence is not a racial issue but for a means of safety for both communities of Dunoon and Richwood.

It is time that the “powers that be” act and not leave the problem unsolved by just “kicking the can” down the road.

They need to understand the reality and determine how it can be resolved to bring about safer living for all. It needs to be done sooner rather than later.

The feeble excuses have continued for far too many years.