Fight to protect nature gets Lindi Wessa award

Milnerton resident Lindi Buirski.

Protecting nature and helping others do the same is what Lindi Buirski, from the City’s
environmental resource management department, does daily.

Ms Buirski, from Milnerton, has been recognised for her exceptional contribution to conservation and environmental protection over the past two decades.

She was one of the recipients of a Lifetime Conservation Achiever Award by the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA).

Ms Buirski, who grew up on a remote cattle farm in Namibia, coordinates and manages several projects and initiatives, including several focused on training.

“My earliest memories are the smell of rain and us playing in the puddles after the rain, and my parents’ excitement when it rained because it is such a needed but scarce commodity in a very dry country,” she said.

“My father, who farmed in an ecologically responsible way, taught us that if we took care of the environment, it would take care of us.”

She said she felt humbled by the award because many others worked very hard to protect the environment and did not always get the recognition they deserved.

“We can only succeed when we all work together to create more sustainable practices.

“What may seem the tiniest action in the right direction will make a huge difference,” said Ms Buirski.

She urges people to rethink the waste they produce daily, by reducing, reusing or recycling. Water conservation, she said, was also critical.

Her water-saving tips are among others: don’t water your garden between 10am and 6pm; take a shower instead of a bath; and always close the tap when you brush your teeth.