Forum touted for Summer Greens

Councillor Wandisile Ngeyi had a lot of convincing to do to get the forum off the ground. .

A ward councillor had his work cut out last week to convince Summer Greens residents to form a new structure to get different community groups working together.

Councillor Wandisile Ngeyi called a meeting between himself and residents at the community hall on Tuesday February 6 to establish a body he could be part of. About 60 people attended.

“The objective of this meeting is to revive Summer Greens and get it back to where it once was as I feel that the area is lost,” he said.

“We need to forget the past now and move forward. Summer Greens is divided, and that is why we need a forum that can include the different organisations and residents.”

But Gary Jacobs, from the Summer Greens Neighbourhood Watch, said starting a new organisation before existing ones had been strengthened could disrupt them.

Summer Greens Residents’ Association (SGRA) chairperson Bridgette Lloyd also felt the focus should be on helping the existing organisations.

“We often have little help from the residents. We, as the SGRA, don’t mind working with other organisations like the neighbourhood watch, but I don’t think we should start a new organisation.”

However, Dave de Wet, a Summer Greens resident, said there was a problem with the existing establishments. “We try and work with them, but they carry on and do their own things,” he said.

The councillor said the new forum would try to look forward and forget what had happened in the past. It could be a platform where people could link with him.

Nangamso Thwala said the forum could work under the right leadership.

“I was happy to see the councillor at the meeting because we hardly ever see them when it’s not election time,” she said.

“I am also very pleased with the effort being put in by our leaders to try and bring us together so that we can tackle the issues that face this area as one.”

By the end of the meeting, it was agreed, albeit reluctantly by some, that the forum would go ahead as initially proposed.

The SGRA, the Summer Greens Neighbourhood Watch, Vision of Hope, Summer Greens Business Forum, a Zumba group and a few private residents all agreed to try to make it work.

* Those wanting to join can call Mr Ngeyi at 073 465 8221 or email