Four men arrested for ‘tomato plants’

Four men were caught with mandrax pills, dagga and tik lollies in Table View.

Four men have been caught with mandrax pills, dagga and tik “lollies” in Table View.

They were arrested after a tip-off to police led to the search of a Stilt Avenue house where the drugs and drug paraphernalia were found.

Table View police spokeswoman Captain Adriana Chandler said officers who entered the house were hit by a strong dagga odour and they noticed a bag of mandrax in one of the rooms.

There were dagga plants in another room, although one of the suspects had tried to pass them off as tomato plants.

Police arrested two women and a man for the possession of stolen goods in Table View, last Friday.

The suspects had tried to get rid of the goods after spotting a police vehicle.

The items matched those stolen from a car in Sherry Road, Table View.

Bothasig police and neighbourhood watch members held a vehicle checkpoint in De Grendel Avenue on Wednesday August 16 to raise awareness about crime, particularly women abuse.