Fraud-accused charity founder suspended from CPF

Ankarien Oelofse, 46, has been suspended from the Table View Community Police Forum. She is due to appear in court on Thursday August 25.

A Table View woman, who has been charged with fraud, following accusations that she used her charity for her own gain, has been suspended from the local community police forum.

Ankarien Oelofse, 46, the founder of Table View Angels, a registered non-profit organisation, has been charged with two counts of fraud and will make her second appearance in Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Thursday August 25, according to Table View police spokeswoman Captain Adriana Chandler.

Table View Community Police Forum chairman David Harris said Ms Oelofse’s CPF membership had been suspended pending the court’s ruling.

Ms Oelofse has not been placed under arrest, but she appeared in court on a warning on Thursday June 23, according to Captain Chandler.

“If one fails to appear in court, this will lead to a warrant of arrest,” she said.

A group of concerned residents have laid charges against Ms Oelofse, claiming that her social media appeals to help families who are struggling financially were for her own benefit.

The residents say they do not want to be named until Ms Oelofse’s next court appearance.

In an email from Table View Angels, Ms Oelofse denied that she had asked the public for electricity for herself or for the Table View Angels House, a supposed refuge for homeless people. Instead she claims that an R80 electricity voucher was requested by a former volunteer on the Table View Angels Facebook page.

Table View Angels refused to respond to further questions sent to them.

Greater Table View Action Forum chairperson Karen Davis said the group could not comment at this stage, but they awaited Ms Oelofse’s next court appearance.

Ms Oelofse landed in hot water last year when people who had been living with her at the Table View Angels House accused her of using funding for her own benefit (“Angels, homeless fallout over funding,” Wednesday, July 28, 2021).