Full support

Peter D. Wrensch, Milnerton

It is an extremely pleasant surprise for me to read Mike Channing (respectfully known to all at the Milnerton Community Negotiating Forum as Reverend) has made himself available as a candidate for council Ward 23.

In the 21 years since the sterling work done by that august citizens’ body, I have only bumped into him once, six years ago, so it is commendable that he still has the interests of his fellow residents at heart.

After the forum’s highly constructive lifespan from 1992 to 1996, our local government became party politicised and, sadly, far too many high-calibre people of integrity were lost to the community. Mike is one of these. He served as deputy chairman to Martin Holland and proved himself a clear thinker. His mild- mannered conduct and engagement engendered great respect from the disparate disadvantaged communities before consolidation into Dunoon and Joe Slovo.

His humanity drove the provision of housing for the poor, despite great NIMBY (not in my back yard) opposition.

The fact that both these residential areas have deteriorated is no reflection on him, but rather on the succession of politicians responsible since 2000.

As an individual and appropriate elected public representative, I can highly recommend Mike Channing.

Party politics should not have a place in local government for it is better to have an individual answering to their electorate rather than instructions from the party caucus diktats.

Unfortunately few will heed this, preferring instead to vote for a party, so I am probably wasting my time sending this endorsement, but from my experience of Mike he is well worth it.