Garden growers

Left: Silverleaf Primary School principal Mlungisi Fani and horticulturist Neil Rautenbach with the finished vegetable garden and apple tree.

A vegetable garden was planted at Silverleaf Primary School in Dunoon on Thursday July 13. Joel Serman, head of marketing for Fair Cape which helped start the garden, says it is important to be part of the community and always help out where you can. Silverleaf Primary School principal Mlungisi Fani was happy with the garden. “We are a relatively new school so we have quite a number of issues that we face. There’s an issue of infrastructure because as you can see, we still have mobile classrooms. We struggle with resources like getting computers, enough teachers and cleaners. So we are very grateful when companies and people help us in whatever way they can. The children are very happy to participate in this vegetable garden and it will really come as a relief once we start producing food.” Horticulturist Neil Rautenbach said they type of soil and organic materials they used required less water during the drought.