Get a grip

Susan Bagiyer, Edgemead

I read the article (“Ire over racist slur” Tabletalk, January 17). Firstly, how dare you say “racially-motivated”. What proof do you have that it was racial?

That word is getting so, so boring. It seems it was about two adults that have had run-ins before, arguing about badly behaved children.

No one has mentioned that the children must have been upset due to the argument in front of them.

Grow up, South Africans, no court, policeman, judge, politician or law can make someone change what they feel or think inside. Only time and respect can fix that.

Name-calling, even the K-word is nothing compared to the state of the country: no money, no jobs, no education, no water and junk status, rape, murder, drugs and crime. As Trump said: “shithole country”.

Get a grip, South Africans, or we will end up like the rest of Africa. We have more refugees than any country in Europe. Wake up.

By the way, Edgemead wasn’t rocked at all. All tribes and religions live in the suburb of Edgemead, peacefully.