Get down and dirty


Winter time can be dull and grey, especially in Cape Town when the rain decides to linger a little longer. With some good rains still falling we are very grateful that our dams are filling up and currently overall stands at 77.8%.

Theewaterskloof which is our main dam has reached 73.6%. Let us never forget 2017 – 2018 and installing a water tank will always ensure that there is a little surplus water in summer for watering the vegetable garden or filing up the water feature. Lessons learnt during the drought should never be forgotten. We still have some tanks available and currently they are taking up too much space, so look out for our limited offer where we will sell selected tanks at low, low prices.

It is also time to brighten up your garden beds during this period when we are still receiving good rains. Spring is around the corner and getting plants settled in now will ensure that your garden bursts into flower at just the right time.

It is also the time when our Clivias starts flowering. Regular feeding with an organic 3:1:5 fertiliser is important and protection against snails and caterpillars are essential for perfect flower heads. Clivias are well suited for shady gardens and enjoys a rich composted soil.

We all associate spring with the late afternoon sweet smell of Jasmine and our Trachelospermum jasminoides are currently on special at R69.90 for a 4 L.

Install a trellis on the patio or against the vibacrete wall and instantaneously transform those spaces. They flower from spring into summer in clusters of white star shaped flowers releasing their sweet fragrance.

Visit us for some cost saving plant nutrient essentials this month with Bounce Back 5 Kg @ R59.95. Roses are going to need a good injection of nutrients after they have been pruned and a good dose of Gorganic Water soluble fertiliser will encourage healthy growth.

Strawberries just hit the floor in anticipation for September. Plant them in hanging baskets, pot or vegetable planters. Prepare a well-drained soil using products to improve the soil quality such as, vermiculite, perlite, gold dust, bonemeal, palm peat, compost, potting soil or seedling mix and a little dose of Talborne 6:3:4.

Our store hours during August is Mondays to Thursdays 8am to 4pm , Fridays from 9am to 4 pm (making provision for training) Saturdays 8am to 4 pm and Sundays 9am to 4 pm. Operating hours will be re-evaluated for the summer months ahead, but with Covid some adjustments in our hours was required to make sure that our staff stays safe in the workplace. Access to the store is only through the front entrance and it is will likely remain for many months to come.

Support our locally owned restaurant The Pink Olive. As with many businesses they are also trying to keep their head above water and with all the necessary protocols in place they are doing everything required to keep themselves and their customers safe. If you don’t feel like sitting down, they also do lovely take-aways and ready prepared meals.

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