Give schools more toilets

Charles Stevenson, Edgemead

I agree with your article and editorial on October 19 that the toilet facilities at Dunoon Primary School are atrocious.

But the situation can surely be quickly and easily remedied by simply providing additional portable toilets.

And it’s quite a stretch to link this to the current university unrest: those institutions have adequate toilet facilities.

The irony is that the first water closets (WCs) in South Africa were purchased in 1814 for Tuynhuys which was built for the colonial governors.

So flush toilets are a colonial introduction, yet those protesting students are demanding that education be “decolonised”.

Your editorial appears to trivialise the low-water-pressure problem.

But that is what happens when a large number of people move into an area: it over-stretches the infrastructure.

And it’s even worse when the newcomers are poor, as then the original population must bear the cost.

Some years ago, a housing organisation scrapped their waiting list.

As a result, people who had been on their list for many years were now on the same level as the recent arrivals.

The problem now is water pressure. But in the not too distant future, it will likely be the water itself.

There just won’t be enough for the increased population.

And that will be much more difficult to fix.