Golfer, 11, tames the greens

Kyle is poetry in motion off the tee.

Kyle Harcombe is an 11-year-old golfing wunderkind from Milnerton.

Teaming up with his dad, Mark, they are an unstoppable force and have just equalled a 20-year-old record playing as partners in one of the many competitions the pair enter.

Kyle has been interested in golf since he was 5.

That might have something to do with the fact that not only does his dad play, but his mom, Sally, was also no slouch around the greens, although she hung up her clubs 17 years ago.

“He started playing around when he was little, always following his dad when he would go play, so I guess that’s where the passion came from,” says Sally.

Kyle is a self-proclaimed daddy’s boy and admits he always wanted to be like his dad when he was younger.

“I started playing just by following my dad everywhere he went. I would copy everything he does.

“I copied the way he walked, what he wore, started following him to the driving range and I started copying him when he played. That’s how I got into the sport,” he says.

Kyle has been a member of the Milnerton Golf Club for two years now and he and his dad have won numerous competitions.

Recently Kyle joined the Western Province junior golf league where he will be able to play against golfers his own age – many of his opponents at the club are seven times his age.

This Herzlia Highlands Primary School pupil’s talents don’t stop with golf: he swims and plays waterpolo, table tennis, athletics, cricket and soccer. And he plays for Hamilton Rugby Club.

“If I could, I’d want to do good in all the sports that I do, but I know that’s not possible,” he says.

“So if I had to choose one sport to do for the rest of my life, I’d choose golf.”