Good job, SAPS

Pat Maastrecht, Bothasig

On Friday February 1, at about 8pm, all hell broke loose as we were subjected to shouting, screaming persons invading a part of our normally quiet neighbourhood of Bothasig.

I was in Adam Tas Avenue and not sure where exactly the noise was coming from, but it seemed to be just beyond Vryburger Avenue.

I had not heard any cars arriving just the sudden onslaught of people going crazy.

It was dark, the only light came from the street lights and (this was what disturbed me profoundly) lights being brandished about on high as their bearers ran and danced around.

I wondered if they were flares and thought of all the fires the Cape has just endured.

I phoned Bothasig police and, my gosh, they were wide awake and on the scene in no time.

I saw some police vehicles go past my window and could not believe the speed with which they had acted. In minutes the noise abated and after about another 10 minutes peace was restored as if nothing had happened.

Bothasig Police, you guys are great. I can’t help feeling that this was something that could have developed into a nasty situation but was averted by the splendid, prompt action of our men. We salute you.