Guy Fawkes

Hermann Stange, Tamboerskloof

A lot has been said about Guy Fawkes, and according to the Tabletalk, a Table View Ratepayers’ Association survey revealed most people were against it (Protesters want to ‘ban the bang’”, Tabletalk, November 9).

The City Council has found it in their “wisdom” to allow these so-called celebrations in designated areas.

It is interesting to note that they needed to have a disaster management team, 20 auxiliary members and 40 law enforcement officers to patrol the beachfront. This alone is such a wastage of money and manpower where these resources could have been used more effectively where really needed.

This is compounded by the number of man hours and personnel that would have been needed to clean up the beach afterwards.

Multiplying this by the number of venues and it is even more of a wastage of taxpayer money. Hopefully, this wastage will be cancelled in the future as it is of no advantage to anyone.