Guy Fawkes fireworks

Agi Orfanos Table View

Every year families by their thousands gather on Blouberg’s beachfront for a night out of fun and awe, which simply occurs one evening each year, whereas the beachfront remains empty and desolate except for New Year’s Eve midnight countdown and Diwali.

Europe and the rest of the world are full of festivals from chasing of the bulls down city streets to the wild Mardi Gras, and for Blouberg to have just one evening festival a year is better than none at all.

Despite objections by a few there are thousands upon thousands that have voted simply by their attendance each year.

Our Guy Fawkes fireworks has even been featured on the BBCTravel show all around the world, and, in time, it could become one of the most prominent festivals on our beachfront attracting thousand of visitors as well as tourists.

Tourism is one of South Africa’s major sources of income. With time will come better planning and a balance will overcome any shortcomings.

Many cultures around the world embrace fireworks, and despite the possible dangers, we hear of more people attacked by sharks or drowning in a beach outing.

As for litter, I have been involved several times in beach clean-ups as this is unfortunately par for the course with large crowds whatever the occasion.

As for beach erosion I have mentioned before that one winter storm caused more havoc and destruction, washing away entire dunes and pathways, than any number of people.

Animals have been far more startled from the surprisingly loud burst of thunder than the distant monotony of fireworks. Even the revving rumble of a Harley can be more perturbing to the ear.

Essentially this is a festivity enjoyed since long before our parents childhood years and this is the one festival that draws families from across our City and far beyond to a wonderful night out on our beach front with the iconic view of Table Mountain in the distance as the sun sets.

This is a festival that can become one of our greatest attractions in time.