Harvest rain water

Adelheid Reyneke, Big Bay

Please can we challenge businesses, schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses, estates and blocks of flats to put up their own water tanks to harvest rainwater in future and put less pressure on municipal water.

Should we, as a community, not challenge the authorities to enact laws to get new developments to include a water tank in their plans?

How many water tanks do malls have? Is basin water being treated and rerouted to toilets? Is water going to waste or being reused at laundromats and hairdressers?

Office buildings should have automatic taps or turn the water off and supply hand sanitisers instead.

Why not challenge businesses to limit business trips to Cape Town? No need to have physical meetings here. Rather, use Skype or Google Hangouts.

Care about the community; it is not business as usual!

I was at a shopping centre the other morning: lovely rain, but the water was gushing down the gutters into the parking area — no tanks, so a precious water resource was wasted.

Let’s start to hold businesses in our community responsible – #showyourwaterplan