Have your say on how to clean Milnerton Lagoon

The City of Cape Town has called for comments on how to clean up the Milnerton Lagoon.

The City of Cape Town has called for comments on how to clean up the Milnerton Lagoon.

The City says it will appoint environmental consultants to assess a range of short-term measures to improve water quality and odour at the lagoon.

“Restoring the health of the Milnerton Lagoon is not optional; it’s a must. In the coming years, we aim to generate a compounding positive effect via multi-billion rand sewerage and stormwater infrastructure upgrades coupled with on-the-ground pollution mitigation measures,” said mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis.

The aim was to steadily close off pollution sources to the lagoon over time and eventually clean the water and remove sludge that had built-up for decades, he said.

“This is complex environmental and engineering work, and professional consultants will help us time and cost our interventions to get this done in the shortest possible time.”

Mayoral committee member for spatial planning and environment Eddie Andrews said the City would monitor the consulting work and keep community and civil society organisations informed.

However, the Greater Table View Action Forum (GTAF) said the plan was a complete waste of time and money. GTAF planning and biodiversity spokesman David Ayres said it should firstly call for those who had caused the environmental damage to be held accountable.

Mr Ayres is calling for a total ban on any and all development in the area until the effluent from Potsdam is within legal limits.

“To continue adding more and more new connections will further degrade an already degraded river system. This plan cannot allow private waste water treatment plants as they pose a huge threat not only to increase the damage already caused by the City of Cape Town but they threaten areas that will be rehabilitated in the plan”, he said.

To make a submission, email Enviro@capetown.gov.za using the subject line: Milnerton Lagoon Remediation.