Help for special needs pupils

Tafelberg Remedial Schools Resource Centre staff, from left, are Lionel Benecke (principal) Chanelle de Villiers, Claire Mcgee, Chris Eloff, Adele May, Joleen de Villiers, Sam Hiles and Warda de Kock.

The Tafelberg Remedial School’s Resource Centre has been helping pupils with learning disabilities at schools in the Bothasig area since 2013.

The centre caters to the educational needs of children on the autism spectrum, as well as those with dyslexia, and other learning disabilities.

“We are thought of as a resource to schools in the metropolitan north area,” said the centre’s occupational therapist, Chanelle de Villiers.

“We adapt classrooms and lessons to address difficulties. We have a speech therapist and occupational therapist that assist with spelling techniques such as using song or movement to spell.”

The centre is holding integrated therapy sessions at Bosmansdam Primary School in which speech and occupational therapists enter the Grade 1 classes, and identify learning targets and create activities based on curriculum themes.

“Every year, the centre hosts workshops which aim to equip teachers and parents with the necessary skills to support pupils with learning difficulties,” said Ms De Villiers.

“These different workshops target foundation phase, intermediate phase and high school teachers as well as parents.”

Contact the school at 082 5572886 for more information.